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Custom Embroidery


Personalize your harness or collar even more by adding our newly available option for a custom embroidery!

You can add a name, a small writing or symbols in the color of your choice on the webbing. We have a wide selection of pre-made options of symbols you can choose from, but you can also ask for your own custom symbol!

If you wish to add a custom symbol or a embroidery on a harness that isn't available directly in the shop, just contact us with your idea and we can make it happen!


Name | Writing

The space for text is limited by the space of the webbing on the harness. You can put a maximum of 11 characters on the webbing. There is also a possibility to have two rows of text on some of the harnesses for a small writing if you wish with another 11 characters. If you choose 2 rows, the text in each row will be smaller than it is with just 1 row, so it can fit on the webbing.



You can add a symbol to your text if you want to. Either on the left, right or on both sides. Here are the available options you can choose from.



There are 14 colors you can choose from. It is also possible to give the symbol a different color than your text. Or a rainbow option!


There are only some harness options for a embroidery you can choose from here directly on the website. But that doesn't mean it is not possible for other harness types.

You can contact us and ask for a custom embroidery on pretty much every harness you wish to. Just have in mind that space is limited on most straps and that the harness should still be adjustable.

Here are some examples of what you can ask for:



Here are some products where you can add a embroidery directly in the shop: