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Fursuit Collar with Custom Embroidery [2-colored]

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One color is sewn on top of the other. Color (1) is the main color on the top and color (2) is the secondary color on the bottom/edges.

The collar has a universal fit for most types of bodies, but make sure to look at the measurements if it will fit you. It is a fursuit collar, which means it might be a bit too big to use it without your fursuit head.

It fits everyone between the following measurements:
Neck circumference (in fursuit): 40cm-65cm[16"-26"]
Leash: The leash is about 125cm(50'') long, the handle about 25cm(10'') wide
ATTENTION: Your fursuit adds at least ~20cm (8'') in circumference! Measure with your fursuit head on or add it to your normal measurements!!!

Name | Writing

The space for text is limited by the space of the webbing on the harness. You can put a maximum of 11 characters on the webbing. There is also a possibility to have two rows of text on some of the harnesses for a small writing if you wish with another 11 characters. If you choose 2 rows, the text in each row will be smaller than it is with just 1 row, so it can fit on the webbing.



You can add a symbol to your text if you want to. Either on the left side, the right side or on both sides. We have 19 pre-made symbols you can choose from (see pictures)


There are 14 colors you can choose from. It is also possible to give the symbol a different color than your text. Or a rainbow option! (see pictures)


If you wish to add a custom symbol or a embroidery on a harness that isn't available directly in the shop, just contact us with your idea and we can make it happen!


Want to get more information about the quality or how certain colors and hardware look like? You can find detailed informations and close-up pictures of everything HERE.

You've looked through all our harness options and didn't find the exact thing you want? It's too big/small for you? Or just one detail that you want to change? Or maybe you want multiple colors?

Check out our 'Custom Harness' section, follow the steps there and send us a detailed E-mail with your wishes and we will check if it is possible to do for us and get back to you as soon as possible.


All products are custom made after the order is placed and it will take between 3-20 business days to create the finished product, depending on the amount of work and availability of the materials in stock.




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