XTRA Full X-Harness with Leg-Straps

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The harnesses have a big range to fit for most types of bodies, so check out which size fits you best.

It fits everyone between the following measurements:

  Medium Size (S-L) Large Size (L-XXL)
Height: 160cm-200cm [5'5''-6'3''] 170cm-220cm [5'7''-6'11'']
Chest circumference: 75cm-115cm [29"-45"] 105cm-145cm [41''-57'']
Waist circumference: 65cm-105cm [25"-41"] 105cm-145cm [41''-57'']



!!!Remember: Your fursuit adds atleast ~5cm[2"] in circumference! Measure in fursuit or add it to your normal measurements!!!

Want to get a more detailed look on the quality? Or need help to choose the right options for your harness? Then go HERE.

Optional Extras:




 Collar-Connection Strap (+$5)

(Collar NOT included)











You've looked through all our harness options and didn't find the exact thing you want? It's too big/small for you? Or just one detail that you want to change? Or multiple colors?

Check out our Custom Harness section and send us a detailed e-mail with your wishes and we will give you a quote if it is possible to do for us.

Get more adventurous with your choice! Add more products and accessories to your style. Here are some choices:

dsc-2299-36302.1517594995.190.285.jpg Muzzle Harnesses collar.jpg Collars
dscn5625-77628.1551009721.190.285.jpg Cuffs

Collar Tags



Furry Design

LED Lamps










All products are made after the order is placed and it will take between 3-20 business days to create the finished product, depending on the availability of the materials in stock.