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Paw Print Rings

Presenting our paw ring designs, for all of you good boys out there!

Wear a harness with this stylish looking ring and proudly show off furryness more than ever before!

The paw print rings are made out of stainless steel and they replace the ring on the chest (and on your back too if you want) and are available for most harness types.
Also available in powder coated black, golden, pink, purple, green, blue (aquamarine), blue (royal), red and orange color!



Symbol Rings

Don't like a paw? Additional to the paw print rings, we also got other symbols to choose from!



Waist Symbol Rings

This replaces the ring on the waistline. Available for any Standard- or Y-Harnesses!


You can find the 'Paw Print Ring' and the other special rings option in the "Extras" tab on every product page it is available on and choose the option you want.



Paw Print Buckles

Additionally to our 'Paw Print Rings' we also got 'Paw Print Buckles'!

The paw print is ingraved in our normal black plastic buckles and colored with waterproof acrylic color. It doesn't rub off on your fur or other things, it is safe for normal wear. Waterproof for normal fluids like water or sweat.

Be careful with alcoholic liquids, like fursuit spray with a high amount of alcohol or nail polish.

It is also possible to put your own custom symbol on the buckles! Remember that it has to be a simple symbol (like a heart/bone/star...), something like a detailed pictures is not possible. Contact us with your idea and we will get back to you!

The buckles are available in 10 colors. You can find and choose them within the normal "Buckles" option.


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