Custom Harness

Make your own Custom Harness


Check out what kind of colors,materials and options are available HERE.

For a detailed change or custom harness, please send us sketch of it and tell us very detailed how you want everything done, this should include:

  1. What kind of harness/or your own design (e.g X-Harness with Leg-Straps)
  2. What color(s) with the number of our color chart (e.g blue[21])
  3. Plastic or metal hardware
  4. D-Ring placements (Only 1 per strap possible)
  5. Your measurements (Height, Waist circumference, Chest circumference)
  6. Preferably a full colored sketch including hardware placements

You can use one of our Harness Design Templates to make it easier for you to design your own harness. Here is an example how you can use it. Don't forget to draw D-Rings if you want them. You can draw your own design and be creative, but don't forget to follow the available options mentioned above.

Click here to see all harness templates of our designs!

Example how to use them:


We'll look if it's possible to do for us and then give you a quote.