About The Products

Welcome to Crunchycurl Creations!

Learn more about the product, materials and quality of the products to get a good impression of what you buy.

We also provide a little guide below on how to build your perfect harness to make it easier for you.

For our harnesses we use high quality polypropylene webbing, 40mm(1,57") wide and approximately 1,4mm(0,055'')/1,8mm(0,07'') thick. Strong plastic buckles, Aluminium buckles and Nickel coated metal hardware which are water resistent and completely body safe. While the material is quite strong, this harness is an accessory item only and it is not a safety harness.

The default setting we use for every product is plastic buckles with metal rings and metal strap adjusters. This is the easiest and cheapest for us to produce. You can change this but we might charge more depending on your change.  

Quality Check

We carefully picked out our materials from multiple options and think we chose only the best of the choices. Our materials are made in Germany and USA, by a big manufacturer.

But just having good materials doesn't mean much. Which is why every product is carefully made by us with high precision. We use an X-Stitch, to guarantee a strong and long lasting result.



All product are made to fit every kind of body type, from skinny to chubby. Almost every strap is adjustable with quite a big range. Check each product description to see the minimun and maximum and make sure it fits you.

Here is a quick help if you're unsure how and where you should measure yourself:


And how to measure your fursuit head for a muzzle harness:

This is very important to measure correctly! Measure where you want the strap (usually at the end of the muzzle/the biggest part)


How to create YOUR perfect harness

There are a lot of options that you can choose from! Hopefully you have created the exact kind of harness you had in mind before you visited. Here we will help you out to make it easier for you to pick the right thing.

1. Color

We have over 30 different colors to choose from! Get a first look.


2. Thickness

You might wonder why we have 2 color charts to choose from? For some colors it is possible to get it in a thicker version! But what's better for you?

The first option is 1,4mm(0,055''). You have a lot more colors to choose from. The webbing is easily bendable and adapts to your body and fursuit very easily.

The second option is 1,8mm(0,07''). Less colors and you can feel it is a lot stronger! It has a more high quality feel to it, but it's less bendable, means if a part of your skin gets caught in a tight spot, it could pinch a bit. If you have long fur you have to be more careful.


3. Hardware (Buckles, Adjusters, Rings)

You have a choice between black plastic buckles and silver metal buckles. Metal buckles look more luxurious, but are quite expensive, which is why we have to charge $5 per buckle. This is pure material cost.

For adjusters our default is silver metal adjusters but you can choose to have black metal ones, or black plastic ones to match your black buckles.

For Rings (O-Rings/D-Rings) we have multiple options too. Silver and black metal rings.

The cost increase for black metal hardware is minimal, which is why we don't charge any additional costs for them. So you're able to choose freely!


Metal Paw Print Rings (Chest and Back)


5. D-Rings

D-Rings! Perfect to attach a leash on. Or something else. You can choose to add these on a few places. The placement options for our products are limited to these types:





Still not satisfied with the options? Contact us for a custom product!

You didn't find what you want? We might be able to still do it for you!

Check out our Custom Harness section and send us a detailed description of your idea(also add a sketch) and we will give you a quote.