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About the products



1. Quality

The webbing and hardware we use is very high quality and from a local german manufracturer.

We use webbing made out of polypropylene and nickel-plated steel hardware which are very strong and resistent. Everything is also water resistant. 

All products are carefully machine sewn by hand. We use an X-stitch to make sure everything is produced for maximum durability. You won't see any seams ripping at all!

 2. Thickness 1,4mm / 1,8mm

All of our webbing is 1,4mm (0,055'') thick. For some colors there is a option for 1,8mm (0,07'') though. There is a significant difference between these two options.

The 1,4mm webbing is much more bendable and has a 'softer' feel to it. In comparison the 1,8mm webbing feels much stronger and looks more durable. On bare skin it can feel less comfortable though.

Both are good options, it mainly depends on your preference.

3. Materials

You have the option between plastic hardware and metal hardware.

Metal hardware is much more durable than plastic for obvious reasons. But that doesn't mean the plastic hardware breaks easily. You can still pull the straps pretty hard and the plastic hardware will withstand it.



3.5 Material Extras

The paw print rings are made out of stainless steel and they replace the ring on the chest (and on your back too if you want) and are available for all Standard- and X-Harness types.

4. Color options

Choose between over 50 colors! Here is an overview of our options:


5. It fits everyone

Our harnesses are made to fit pretty much everyone. Almost every strap is adjustable by 20cm-30cm (8''-12'') which makes it easy to fit you in even with a padded fursuit.

There are 2 sizes to choose from. You can find the exact measurement infos on every product description page.

Here is where you should measure yourself:measurements2.jpg