Paw Print Ring *NEW*

NEW - Metal Paw Print Rings

Presenting our new paw ring designs, for all of you good boys out there!

Wear a harness with this stylish looking ring and proudly show off furryness more than ever before!

The paw print rings are made out of stainless steel and they replace the ring on the chest (and on your back too if you want) and are available for all Standard- and X-Harness types.



Be one of the first and order a harness with these paw rings now!
The paw rings are even 30% OFF during the the first month! (Until August 20th)

Find a harness for yourself now:


Find the paw print option in the "Extras" tab and choose the option you want.



All orders with a paw print ring will be made and shipped until the end of August.