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Cuffs are NOT included!


Want to get a more detailed look on the quality? Or need help to choose the right options for your harness? Then go HERE.

You've looked through all our harness options and didn't find the exact thing you want? It's too big/small for you? Or just one detail that you want to chang? Or multiple colors?

Check out our Custom Harness section and send us a detailed e-mail with your wishes and we will give you a quote if it is possible to do for us.

Get more adventurous with your choice! Add more products and accessories to your style. Here are some choices:

dsc-2299-36302.1517594995.190.285.jpg Muzzle Harnesses smoldesigns.jpg Body Harnesses
dscn5625-77628.1551009721.190.285.jpg Cuffs collar.jpg Collars
dsc-2120-29643.1517597640.190.285.jpg Leg Attachments foto-10-10-18-19-48-06-46898.1539951596.190.285.jpg Tail Belts








All products are made after the order is placed and it will take between 3-20 business days to create the finished product, depending on the availability of the materials in stock.