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Includes: 1 Tag of your custom design choice and 1 ring to connect.

You can choose between 3 sizes:

Small (4cmx4cm | 1,5''x1,5'') fits for keychains and necklaces,

Medium (10cmx10cm | 4''x4'') fits for collars and

Large (18cmx18cm | 7''x7'') also fits for collars if you are a very big guy or if you simply just like it big.

(Sizes differ for each design.)

Check pictures to estimate your prefered size.

You can choose your own custom design for this tag. A drawing works best for that, but a picture of your fursuit also works fine most of the time.   

Please make sure to check the examples for the materials to get a good look on what works best before you order!

3-STEP GUIDE for your image

1. Have in mind that black=print | white=NO print.

- A picture of a completely white fursuit will not print very well.

- A drawing of a white fursona with black outlines will print fine.

Here are some examples to show you the difference in print between the materials for lighter and darker images on transparent acrylic:

2. A good picture of your character

- Your character should be fully visible without any obstruction in front of you.

- Your character should also not be cut off. A single missing ear/arm... will look bad on the finished print.

(Exceptions: If your character is hiding behind a tree and that should be part of the picture for example)

Here is a good example on what you should look out for:


3. Encircle/Outline the part of the picture you want to have printed (a sloppy paint job is okay, we will do the rest!)

- Have your prefered badge shape in mind!

- Make sure you have your character/part of your character(e.g. headshot) circled in/outlined. Don't circle OVER any part of your character!! If you don't state which characters you want, we will assume for you and probably choose the main focus of the picture.

- You can add parts/highlights of the background too. Make sure to circle them out if you want them!

- Add a name on your prefered place if you want one. If you choose a name and don't state where, we will choose for you.

- You can also cut out your character and design it yourself and send us the finished image file.

- If you simply have a finished headshot of your character for a badge you don't have to circle anything of course.

Here is a good example how your image should look like when you send it to us with your order:

That's all!

If you are unsure if your image is good for a print you can send it to us first. You can use our Contact Form for that or DM us on Twitter @Crunchycurl.


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All products are made after the order is placed and it will take between 3-20 business days to create the finished product, depending on the availability of the materials in stock.